Error Code: 2568 insufficient client permissions

The Serverlist can not connect to TeamSpeak 3 Server. This error message Error Code: 2568 insufficient client permissions indicates the TeamSpeak 3 server that the permissions for the scan are not allowed.

Step 1: enable “Advanced permission system”

Only certain permissions can be set with the advanced permission system. The “Advanced permission system” can be enabled in the options menu.

Go to the menu bar, click Settings and then Options.
Click Application in the left sidebar.
At the right side, under Misc, put a check mark at Advanced permission system.

You can save and close the window with a click at the OK button.

Step 2: allow permissions

With every new TeamSpeak 3 Server the permissions are not allowed by default. Everyone will receive the error message (Error code 2568) when the permissions are not allowed and you try to enter your TeamSpeak 3 Server to

Connect to your TeamSpeak 3 server and open Permissions in the menu bar and click on Server Groups.

Tip: You can see all permissions in the screenshot. At the bottom of this window you can change the display of the permissions in the Dropdown menu to Show names.

Now, select server group Guest (8) at the left side.

In the center, the mainarea of this window, you see the complete permissions of your server divided into categories. Search the permissions (screenshot) in their respective categories and allow this with right-click. Should a permission have been already added, but no check mark is set, set the check mark manually.

If all permissions are allowed, you can add your TeamSpeak 3 server to

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