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Product Description

Teamspeak 3 is the solution for an easy and qualitatively high-quality communication on the Internet. Whether for online games like World of Warcraft, a meeting of a whole company or only one small conversation round with the family or the friends, TeamSpeak 3 is optimum for every area. File upload, chat function... TeamSpeak 3 is irreplaceable for nearly every Community.

DDoS attacks (Distributed Denial of service) are daily a topic - we are just as annoyed as you. Thanks to OVH and the available DDoS-Protection suitable attacks within the shortest time can be repulsed.

The product management of your TeamSpeak 3 of server runs through own one webinterface by and for advanced users is the Psychokiller interface available.

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Compatible with the newest TeamSpeak 5 client

An additional TeamSpeak 5 server is not required! The newest TeamSpeak 5 client can connect to all TeamSpeak 3 servers of No changes are necessary and there are no additional costs.

Especially suitable for games

Because of the low latency (ping) is TeamSpeak especially interesting for gamers. For games like Counter-Strike, League of Legends, World of Warcraft, Dota 2, Diablo III, Runescape, FIFA 15, Call of Duty, simulators or other multiplayer games is TeamSpeak as early as a foundation

Licensed TeamSpeak 3 Server Hoster

No more scams or dubious offers! We are ATHP (Authorized TeamSpeak Host Provider) licensed and certified by TeamSpeak Systems.

More Products

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TeamSpeak 3 ControlBot, TeamSpeak 3 MusicBot und TSDNS-Domains.


PrePaid!No contract term

No setup fee

immediate activation

DDoS Protection included

Highest transfer speeds

Secure communication (HTTPS)

Server Location: Europe


Full admin rights on server and interface

Own host- and welcome message

All codecs (Speex, CELT, Opus) available

Flatrate for voice traffic

Backups included

TeamSpeak 5 client compatible


File Upload (2GB or 10GB)

Own server banner

Voice encryption

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