TeamSpeak 3 ControlBot

Safety first!

Product Description

The ControlBot offers countless features for the security of your TeamSpeak 3 server and is installed at few minutes. You can find all features in the left overview.

The ControlBot uses the TCP Query interface (RAW protocol) of the TeamSpeak 3 server. If you have no server of, you need a query login and whitelist entry. Please check the availability with your hoster.

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PrePaid!No contract term

No setup fee

immediate activation

DDoS Protection included

Highest transfer speeds

Secure communication (HTTPS)

Server Location: Europe

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Features im Überblick

Options Price
Send messages to channel or server chat every X minutes.
Auto Move
Move connecting clients of a specified server group to a specified channel. This function ignores clients with an own default channel set.
Away Mover
Move the client as soon as away status is set for longer than X seconds.
Bad Channel Name Check
Checking for bad channel names, can delete the channel and punish the client.
Bad Nickname Check
Checking for bad nicknames and can punish the client.
Channel Notify
Notify specified server groups about clients joining a specified channel.
Idle Check
Move or kick an idle client, can also send an idle warning message.
Inactive Channel Check
Automatically delete channels if empty for more than X hours.
Last Seen
Chat command to check the last online time of a client. The function name you chose prefixed with an exclamation mark is used as chat command.
Note: client database list cache must be enabled.
Mute Mover
Move the client as soon as the specified mute status is set for longer than X seconds.
Record Check
Move or kick a recording client (of course only the record function of the Teamspeak client is detected).
Server Group Notify
Notify specified server groups about clients of specified server groups connecting to the TeamSpeak 3 server.
Server Group Protection
Make sure that only specified clients are members of the specified server groups. This function has two chat commands to add or remove clients to/from the allowed client list.
Welcome Message
Sends a message to new connected clients.
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