PwNt.dK Public TS3

Everyday since 2009 has this TS3 been hosted with love for you to have a warm place to talk with friends :) <3 - (PwNt.dK were established in 2007)

Get the Viewer into your website

This code generator allows you to get the TeamSpeak 3 Viewer on your website. You can change colors, the font-familiy, sizes, text-decoration for every kind of information individually for state. The TeamSpeak 3 Server tree is being generated live.
Width: Help
Max Height: Help
Background Color: Help
Background Image (URL): Help
Icon Pack
└─Background Color + Text Color
└─Background Color + Text Color
Icons (URL): Help
Default Textstyle Help
Font Family:
Text Size:
Text Color:
Status Textstyle Help
  Color F K U
Make clients clickable Help
Show only clients Help
Hide server groups Help
Hide client badges Help
Hide country Help
Hide client and channel status flag Help
Hide Channelbanners Help
JavaScript will be loaded asynchronous Help
Show server link if JavaScript is not enabled Help


Copy and paste the code into your website. It is a simple HTML JavaScript and works in every browser.