Rekrutacja na administratora nadal otwarta! ;-) Dołącz!
Error: The scan is disabled for this server.
Reason for it can be a longer offline time or a manual deactivation of the server owner.
The indicated server information is cached.
Should you be the server owner, click here to login, change server information
and reactivate your server to handle around a deletion from TS3index.com.
Last online: 09.03.2021 05:04 (vor 1 months)
claim ownership

You can claim ownership of this server registry if the current owner is not correct. You need Server Admin permissions to temporarily change the name of the TeamSpeak 3 server and the server has to be online.

Please change the server name to TS3index.com #7335, solve the captcha and click on the button. An connection to the server will be established and it will be checked if the server name has been changed. In the next step you can register as the owner of the TeamSpeak 3 server.