Take Ownership

The current owner is not known to If you are the owner or you have administrator permissions on this server, you can authorize yourself as the owner. The name of the server must be changed for authorization. Proof is a successful name change.

Why is a connection to the TeamSpeak 3 server required for authorization?
How can I change the TeamSpeak 3 server address without authorization?

If you have the necessary permissions, the server name can be changed via the TeamSpeak client. Copy the new server name and replace the current server name with it.

Current servername:
New servername:

Now you can define access data to be able to log in later. For the registration you need the e-mail address and the password.

Please note that the username is public for all visitors in the server information. You should not enter any personal data as the username.

E-mail Address:
I have read the privacy policy and agree that the data will be saved for the account creation.