2nd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment [2nd RB]

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Welcome to the 2nd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment Realism Unit!
2nd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment [2nd RB]
Main Lobby
SPC M. Zieliński
PFC J.Lémira
Recruitment Sections
U.S. Army Recruiting Office
Interview Room One
Interview Room Two
Recruiting Room - Join here
Contact Us - Join here
✫ Unit Information ✫
Mod List/Collection
Voice Server Rules
Unit Schedule
Training Sections
Training Sections
Instructor Office
Training Room One
Training Room Two
Training Room Three
Operation Sections
Operations Center
Planning Room
Leader's After Action Review
Staging Area
Field Training Exercise
Unofficial Event
SPC B. Rodgers
PFC B. Neice
PV2 C. White
PV2 E. Wilson
PV2 V. Rag
Staff Sections
Staff Section Workrooms
Command Staff Meeting Room
S-1 Personnel
S-2 Intelligence
S-3 Operations
S-4 Logistics
S-5 Civil Affairs
75th Ranger Regiment
2nd Battalion
2nd Battalion Headquarters
Battalion Commander - CLOSED
Executive Officer - CLOSED
Sergeant Major - CLOSED
Alpha Company
Alpha Company Headquarters
Company Commander - MAJ W. Reese
Executive Officer - 1LT J. Novix
First Sergeant - 1SG K. Paquette
Company Senior Medic - CPL W. Geist
MAJ W. Reese
CPT Z. Lemon
1LT B. Hayward
1LT J. Novix
2LT A. Weir
SSgt W. Bower
Company Senior JTAC - SSgt W. Bower
1st Platoon
1st Platoon Headquarters
Platoon Leader - 1LT B. Hayward
Platoon Sergeant - SSG A. Mycka
SSgt J. McBean
Platoon Medic - CPL S. Misaria
1st Squad
Squad Leader - SSG C. Rob
Fireteam Leader - CPL M. Fowler
Fireteam Leader - SPC J. Shepard
2nd Squad
Squad Leader - CPL C. Wilson
Fireteam Leader - CPL C. Williams
Fireteam Leader - SPC B. Rodgers
3rd Squad
Squad Leader - TBD
Fireteam Leader - TBD.
Fireteam Leader - TBD
2nd Platoon
2nd Platoon Headquarters
Platoon Leader - 2LT A. Weir
Platoon Sergeant - SGT A. Lowson
Platoon Medic - PV2 C. White
1st Squad
Squad Leader - SGT A. Liam
Fireteam Leader - CPL C. Ferguson
CPL C. Ferguson
Fireteam Leader - PFC R. Baker
2nd Squad
Squad Leader - CPL K. Sparrow
Fireteam Leader - OPEN
Fireteam Leader - PFC X. Schroeder
3rd Squad
Squad Leader - OPEN
Fireteam Leader - OPEN
Fireteam Leader -  OPEN
4–160th SOAR (A)
4–160th SOAR (A) Headquarters
Battalion Commander - CPT Z. Lemon
Executive Officer - CLOSED
Air Operations Officer - CW4 E. Bradbury
Light Attack Helicopters Detachment
Detachment Commander - CLOSED
Medium Assault Helicopters Detachment
Detachment Commander - CW3 N. Wade
Heavy Assault Helicopters Detachment
Detachment Commander - CW2 C. Breuer
Members Rest & Relaxation
Community Channels
Game Room One
Game Room Two
Game Room Three
Game Room Four
Game Room Five
Awaiting Deployment | Message if Needed
SPC G. Dragon
PV2 S. Kappel
PVT A. Welsh
Away From Keyboard | Unavailable