Public Chat Rooms - Page 21

The new TeamSpeak 5 client offers private and public chat rooms. Private chat rooms are invite only while public chat rooms can be entered by all users with the ID or alias of the room. You can use to find public rooms.

The chat bot of offers instant notifications of new activities and small gimmicks for your chat room. You can add the bot to your contact list by adding [email protected] and invite it to your room. For feedback and suggestions join our own room #ts3index:

  Roomname   Members
3 1 ewz_DeathDragon
2 1 ewz_DeathDragon
1337 1 MuhChy
13 1 ewz_DeathDragon 1 3rKaN_BRATTE
123 1 YurN
121 1 Glupan_0103
10 1 3rKaN_BRATTE
1 1 ewz_DeathDragon
0 1 ewz_DeathDragon
- WaS - Streamer Suche 1 Punio85